English 10:

English Fundamentals: Choose ten words from sort and use in sentences OR write a story using all ten words.

Government: Legislative Branch Study Guide

AP Government: FINISH Executive Branch Study Guide

Problems 30 and 32 on page 253 in the book

Honors Chemistry:
Complete the reaction types chart using chapter 8.2

Algebra I:
Goles-Practice 7.5(2,6,7,8,13,14,15,20,23,29) and be sure the snow work is completed.
Raskin -- Practice Quiz

Algebra II:
p. 378 #37 - 54

Goles- Finish Handwritten Law of Sines Handout

Honors Geometry:
Finish either HW 10 or p.223 side of Handout


Latin I:

Study for QUIZ!

Latin II:
Worksheet for p. 74, lines 25-31

Honors Latin II:
1. Write a well-written summary of the events that move time's story from Aeneas to Rome. Include only the necessary detail.
2. Write three questions from our discussion of today - the timelines and the map are a good reminder.

Latin III:

Visit http://www.latin3.org

Honors Latin III:

Visit http://www.latin3.org

Latin IV:
decline "opus, operis (n)" "pharetra, -ae (f)" and "cuspis, cuspidis (f) and look over the five lines of text on p. 5

Honors Latin IV:
write two paragraphs in response to "Discuss the relationship between Trimalchio and his guests" based on Ch. 6, lines 32-46.

Chinese II:

Chinese III:

French I:

Continue to study the vocab on pages 138 and 139.

French II:

Lyon : Réviser le vocabulaire du corps, à la page 276.

Honors French II:

French III:

Honors French III:


Advanced Music Theory: